This is used for drainage when constructing a retaining wall. It should be placed on top of the aggregate before adding fill & soil to help absorb the moisture and therefore aid drainage in retaining walls.
At Lee Rowan’s we have all the nuts & bolts that you may require to do any landscaping job. Simply ask one of our friendly members of staff if you are not sure what best suits your project.
Weedmat is for the lazy gardener and is equivalent to about 4” of mulch to help suppress weeds & retain moisture. It is sold by the metre. Shadecloth & Geotextile fabric are also available by the metre.
There are several products that will help you maintain your pavers, stone, pebbles and concrete. Hi Lite & Enhance Plus will seal however a product Gardenworld sells a lot for cleaning is Wet & Forget.
At Lee Rowan’s we have a wide range of gardening tools. Rakes, hoes, secateurs & forks, spreaders to help you fertilise the lawn and shovels, forks and the like for landscaping.
Anti-Eff is a heavy duty acidic cleaner designed to remove efflorescence from pavers, terracotta, slate or sandstone.
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