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Having a problem with a plant in your garden?
Is your lawn under attack by grubs?

At Lee Rowan Landscaping Centres we offer expert horticultural advice to help you keep your garden healthy. We also carry a large range of products that will help you cure or prevent problems in the garden. Drop into either Ourimbah or Warners Bay stores with a cutting if possible and let us provide you with a remedy, or select "Contact Us" on this website and email your enquiry.


Fungus normally becomes active during times of high humidity, or after high rainfall followed by warm weather. To prevent fungus from infecting plants, you should control the use of high base Nitrogen fertilisers, keep mulch away from the base of plants and where possible keep the leaves of plants dry.

However if a fungus does get a hold of one of your plants just call on in and we will help you out with one of the specialty products to get your plant healthy again.

Insect and pest control

Keep your eyes peeled at all times for insects or pests attacking your garden. Often damage is not always obvious and is only visible on closer inspection, so it's wise to inspect your plants regularly for damage. In general terms if you keep your plants fed well and healthy, insects and pest will leave you alone, remember they only attack plants that are weak or under stress.

Depending on what is attacking your plant will depend on the control measure to use but we have a number of options that you can use against these nasties, and even if you like organic gardening we do have organic options available.

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